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  • “The LOCKUP Police Ground-fighting Courses taught by Lt. Kevin Dillon and Det. Rob Magao (Owner of Manchester BJJ) are excellent! LOCKUP training is a highly developed law enforcement system that gives any police officer the edge over the bad guy. Their approach is realistic and throws out the erroneous approach of “Defensive Tactics.” Police officers need to be offensive and proactive! LOCKUP trains law enforcement with that mindset. Their stress inducing drills are extremely progressive and produce the proper environment for an officer to develop the combative mindset. I have had the opportunity to work with Navy SEALs, DEA agents, Special Forces Units and numerous law enforcement agencies. LOCKUP is among the top tiered law enforcement training programs in the United States. I give it an unquestioned endorsement.”

    Eddie D. Edmunds
    Gracie Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt
    2nd Degree Kali, Jeet Kune Do
    19th Group Special Forces Combatives Instructor