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  • Pedro Sauer Seminar

    Pedro Sauer Seminar

    Please join us for Master Pedro Sauer, certified 8th Degree Red/Black Belt Instructor under Rickson Gracie. We will be hosting a two hour seminar to kick off Master Sauers 60th… Continue reading

  • The Fight Team Podcast feat. Rob Magao

    The Fight Team Podcast feat. Rob Magao

      Check out this episode of The Fight Team Podcast featuring Manchester BJJ/Bushido owner and head instructor Rob Magao being interviewed by Luigi Mondelli regarding the value of BJJ training… Continue reading

  • Top 5 Health Benefits of BJJ

    Top 5 Health Benefits of BJJ

    5 Health Benefits of Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…. It’s New Year’s Resolution time and many people look for an activity to become healthier. Some will consider martial arts as an option…. Continue reading

  • Benefits of BJJ for Kids

    Benefits of BJJ for Kids

    Invest in Your Child’s Life with Martial Arts….. It is no secret that the martial arts can be a fantastic addition to anyone’s life, especially for our children. While there… Continue reading

  • Officer Survival Course

    Officer Survival Course

    Manchester BJJ/Bushido and Our Hero’s Fund is offering a FREE 3 hour Officer Survival Course for all LEOs. Topics will include dealing with an aggressive attacker, ground survival and weapon… Continue reading

  • This Is What Manchester BJJ Is About!

    This Is What Manchester BJJ Is About!

    Challenge yourself to be better, a part of something bigger, and a skill that can’t be taken away!  Step away from the noise and step onto the mat. Here at… Continue reading



  • “The most important decision a jiu jitsu practitioner can make is who they will train under. Luckily for those near Manchester, CT the decision is an easy one as they are lucky enough to have Pedro Sauer brown belt Rob Magao and his Bushido Jiu Jitsu academy right in town. As a law enforcement officer and fantastic jiu jitsu player, Rob is able to blend sport with realistic and effective self defense that he has had to put into action on several occasions due to his profession. More importantly, Rob is an fantastic guy who truly cares about his students and wants to see them succeed both on and off the mat. Quite simply if you live in the area and you go elsewhere you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

    Jay Bell
    BJJ Black Belt
    Owner & Head Instructor – Gracie Farmington Valley

  • “Rob Magao is an extremely nice guy and runs a fantastic school in Manchester, CT. I’ve had the chance to train there on more than one occasion and both the atmosphere and environment are excellent for learning and excelling at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not to mention, Rob frequently has high level black belts come to his school for seminars and those are always a great learning experience. You can’t get much closer to the source of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than Pedro Sauer, which is the network that Bushido is part of.”

    Sonny Parlin
    BJJ Purple Belt
    Instructor @ Gracie Farmington Valley

  • I had heard about Rob Magao and the guys at Manchester BJJ/Bushido for a long time before we actually had the pleasure of meeting at a competition a few years back. Rob was instantly friendly and open, coming right up to me and introducing himself.

    I knew right away that he had a love and passion for jiu jitsu just by meeting him and shaking his hand. This was further confirmed when I attended one of his classes… the guy can teach too!

    In recent years, Rob has not only become a tough-as-nails training partner, he has become a good friend. And his school is full of people just like him—great friendly people, with technical jiu jitsu and a serious love for training.

    I recommend anyone in the Manchester area get to Manchester BJJ ASAP to train with Rob and the guys over there. Seriously good people and seriously good jiu jitsu. Who knows, I may even see you there on a Sunday!

    Brad Wolfson
    Soulcraft BJJ, Team Gracie Sports
    BJJ Brown Belt Under Marcio Stambowsky