Manchester BJJ News Feed



  • I had heard about Rob Magao and the guys at Manchester BJJ/Bushido for a long time before we actually had the pleasure of meeting at a competition a few years back. Rob was instantly friendly and open, coming right up to me and introducing himself.

    I knew right away that he had a love and passion for jiu jitsu just by meeting him and shaking his hand. This was further confirmed when I attended one of his classes… the guy can teach too!

    In recent years, Rob has not only become a tough-as-nails training partner, he has become a good friend. And his school is full of people just like him—great friendly people, with technical jiu jitsu and a serious love for training.

    I recommend anyone in the Manchester area get to Manchester BJJ ASAP to train with Rob and the guys over there. Seriously good people and seriously good jiu jitsu. Who knows, I may even see you there on a Sunday!

    Brad Wolfson
    Soulcraft BJJ, Team Gracie Sports
    BJJ Brown Belt Under Marcio Stambowsky