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  • “I am a police officer who had a background in Aikido and in a Police Combat fighting system (LOCKUP). I came to Rob Magao’s Gracie Jiu-jitsu School for the chance to learn practical applications in ground fighting. Rob Magao and Jim Kodzis have been excellent in taking into consideration the student’s needs, making sure that techniques for students desiring better fighting skills for street combat applications are taught as much as are techniques geared towards competition fighting. Every student in the school has a great attitude and is there to learn; egos are not tolerated and no one is there to injure anyone else. With every class, students are expected to use the techniques learned in “rolling” matches with other students, solidifying the learning process. I use many of these techniques and concepts as an arrest and control instructor for my police department.”

    Detective Anthony DeMonte
    Arrest and Control Instructor / CrossFit Trainer