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In the outside world a piece of small white athletic tape is very insignificant. But in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, that single piece of tape defines hard work and pride. As we progress through our journey of jiu-jitsu we appreciate that single little piece of white tape more and more. We see the progress we make on the mats and the personal changes that jiu-jitsu helps with in our lives. December 12th marked a very important day for many of our white belts as some of them earned their first stripe. Others saw the accumulation of stripes and closer to that next goal of achievement. Then there were a few that reached that next goal on December 18thearned their next belt. Brian Pinto, Milissa Spreda, Krista Barcomb, Peter Dang, Mirzet Muminovic, Yavuz Usluca all made that next step in their journey to blue belt! The next big milestone in the jiu-jitsu journey and path to the black belt is Faixa Roxa…Purple Belt! Rick McDonald, John Parsons, and John Goldsnider earned the rank of purple belt and a huge step in their journey. A huge congratulations to all promoted!

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