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Invest in Your Child’s Life with Martial Arts…..

It is no secret that the martial arts can be a fantastic addition to anyone’s life, especially for our children. While there are many activities available to kids these days, few can come close to the benefits that a child can receive from a quality martial arts program. While there are many “styles” of martial arts, and most have something unique to offer, Gracie Jiu-jitsu (AKA Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or simply BJJ ) can be one of the most beneficial.

                     Here are 3 reasons why BJJ is a great martial art for kids!

  1. Communication Skills: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training can really improve communication skills for kids. Lets face it, most people spend a lot of time texting, emailing and using other electronic forms of communication, and less focus is placed on actually “talking” to one another these days. While most other martial arts systems will line kids up, have them kick and punch in the air at an imaginary opponent, and yell out commands in unison for the instructor, they don’t always help build interpersonal communication skills for kids. BJJ does. The typical BJJ class will place kids together in small groups where they have to learn to talk and communicate with each other. The very essence of BJJ makes it an “up close” and personal art due to it focusing heavily on grappling techniques. Therefore, kids are consistently placed in situations during class where they learn to communicate with each other more freely. Parents often comment on how much more outgoing their child is after just a few months of BJJ training.
  2. Stress Reduction: Yes, kids have stress these days. School is quite a bit different for them than it was for most of us growing up. The demands of school can be daunting, and having a place and an activity to release some frustrations and reduce stress is always a positive. Putting on the GI (BJJ Uniform), stepping on the mat among friends, and leaving your problems behind (even if just for an hour) can really help recharge one’s batteries. There is something special about BJJ that makes most people forget about their problems and just train. It’s one of the main reasons why so many adults train in BJJ. So many parents will start off bringing their kids to class and then, before you know it, they are on the mat too! You just plain feel good after training. Many students will say, “It’s the cheapest and best therapy you will ever find”.
  3. Self Confidence/Self Worth: BJJ training places kids in situations where they learn to overcome fears, become comfortable in uncomfortable positions, and realize that with proper technique and mindset, they can overcome great obstacles. BJJ is a problem solving art. It has been described by many as “Human Chess”. It is a series of moves and counter moves that can allow you to win or lose at any time. Because BJJ is leverage based, strength and athletic ability are much less important than in other activities. So even kids that may not have the same physical attributes as others can become very successful. Kids don’t “sit the bench” in BJJ. They will learn that the only way to improve is to dedicate themselves, and that failure can happen, but they learn to push past those moments on the path towards great accomplishments.

These are just a few of the countless benefits a child can experience in a quality Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program. For more information on our programs visit us on the web at www.manchesterbjj.com   860.800.MBJJ (6255)

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