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  • Lights Out Commercial

    Lights Out Commercial

  • Pedro Sauer Seminar

    Pedro Sauer Seminar

    Please join us for Master Pedro Sauer, certified 8th Degree Red/Black Belt Instructor under Rickson Gracie. We will be hosting a two hour seminar to kick off Master Sauers 60th… Continue reading

  • Top 5 Health Benefits of BJJ

    Top 5 Health Benefits of BJJ

    5 Health Benefits of Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…. It’s New Year’s Resolution time and many people look for an activity to become healthier. Some will consider martial arts as an option…. Continue reading

  • Benefits of BJJ for Kids

    Benefits of BJJ for Kids

    Invest in Your Child’s Life with Martial Arts….. It is no secret that the martial arts can be a fantastic addition to anyone’s life, especially for our children. While there… Continue reading

  • This Is What Manchester BJJ Is About!

    This Is What Manchester BJJ Is About!

    Challenge yourself to be better, a part of something bigger, and a skill that can’t be taken away!  Step away from the noise and step onto the mat. Here at… Continue reading

  • Blackbelts for Butterflies – West Coast

    Blackbelts for Butterflies – West Coast

  • Police Fighting Back

    Police Fighting Back

    Rob Magao was featured in an article by Bismarck, ND’s NBC affiliate about the L.O.C.K.U.P. Program.

  • The Importance of Wrestling

    Aside from running, wrestling is the world’s oldest sport. Early Babylonian and Egyptian reliefs depict wrestlers performing many of the holds used in the modern sport. In ancient Greece, wrestling occupied a prominent place in legend, literature, and the Olympic Games. However, its origin predates all those events. When early man first tackled one of his contemporaries to stop him from stealing his food, the double-leg takedown—and the sport—were born.

  • To Compete Or Not To Compete, That Is the Question

    To Compete Or Not To Compete, That Is the Question

    A common dilemma faced by many martial artists is the decision of whether or not to participate in competitions. Students may ask themselves if involvement in tournaments will enhance their overall progress. Students often ask: “Will competing make me better at Jiu-Jitsu?”

  • What’s In A Name?

    What’s In A Name?

    “Jujitsu” is not actually a well-defined term. Saying that one studies jujitsu is similar to saying that one studies martial arts. [Read More] …

  • New to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

    Walking in the door and trying any martial art for the first time can be a little intimidating for most people. Here are some things that you should expect when coming in for a class. You will want to arrive about 15 minutes early to met with the instructor, get a tour of the facility [Read More] …