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The world can be a dangerous place and there are those that have to face that danger on daily basis. Law Enforcement and our Military personnel are the “Sheepdogs” of our society and in order to protect the flock they need to be trained to protect themselves.

Our academy’s Combatives Program (LOCKUP Police Combat) is designed to give police officers and soldiers reality based training that they need in order to do their jobs honorably, professionally and safely. Our cadre of Combatives instructors have extensive real world experience in law enforcement, tactical operations and dignitary protection. For over 18 years we have trained personnel from local, county, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies as well as members of the United States Military and private security forces.

Our training includes arrest and control tactics, firearms training, simmunitions, legal issues involving use of force and how to deal with physical and psychological responses to combat. Our training takes students out of the mat room and into real world environments, wearing the duty gear they will have to perform in. We put students through stress drills that simulate real encounters they may face in the line of duty. For more information regarding our combatives programs please visit www.policecombat.com.

We also offer combatives seminars for civilians throughout the year at our academy. Want to host a seminar? We can teach a combatives seminar at your martial arts school, CrossFit facility, group or business. References are available upon request. Contact us at manchesterbjj@gmail.com for more information on attending or hosting a seminar.

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