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March 5th marked our first New England Submission Tournament of 2017, and it did not disappoint. The week before the deadline we had over 40 competitors sign up to bring the total to well over the hundred mark. With all divisions battling fiercely for the submission and finish we only had a couple matches go over the one hour mark, including a chess match in the semi-finals of the Absolute Division between Tevay and Silva. Silva bested last year’s Absolute Champion Frank Rosenthal with an ankle lock to take the title. This year we saw a rise in the competition from all levels especially our white belts, who came out with poise and great technique.

This year we also saw a rise in the leg attacks and more finishes than ever in the advanced divisions with heel hooks! The matches were shorter this time around due to the competitors hunting those submissions and chasing the finish. We want to thank Rob Magao of Manchester BJJ, Brad Wolfson of Soulcraft BJJ and Greg Wood of Plainville Martial Arts for all their time they put into this tournament. So now that the anti has been raised we look forward to another great tournament later this year.

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