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Rob Magao is a lifelong martial artist, career law enforcement officer and SWAT Operator. I have been teaching with Rob for over 10 years and personally selected Rob to lead our LOCKUP Ground Fighting courses for several reasons. His extensive martial arts training, law enforcement experience and excellent ability to train people. Rob understands the differences between training in sport martial arts and street law enforcement combatives and excels in both. I have been training law enforcement officers since 1989, trained in martial arts since 1975 and to find an instructor like Rob Magao is rare! I am thrilled to have him on my team. He is a master instructor, perpetual student and gifted combat martial artist. Anyone who trains with Rob is destined to come out tremendously more skilled than when they arrived.

Lt. Kevin F. Dillon (Ret)
Founder – L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Combat System (www.policecombat.com)
Internationally Recognized Combatives Trainer

I do a lot of BJJ Seminars across the country. The Bushido Jiu-Jitsu Academy is a place that I love to visit. They have outstanding Jiu-jitsu but what is even better is they have outstanding people. You immediately feel the family atmosphere. I highly suggest you take lessons there!

Keith Owen
BJJ Black Belt

I had heard about Rob Magao and the guys at Manchester BJJ/Bushido for a long time before we actually had the pleasure of meeting at a competition a few years back. Rob was instantly friendly and open, coming right up to me and introducing himself.

I knew right away that he had a love and passion for jiu jitsu just by meeting him and shaking his hand. This was further confirmed when I attended one of his classes … the guy can teach too!

In recent years, Rob has not only become a tough-as-nails training partner, he has become a good friend. And his school is full of people just like him—great friendly people, with technical jiu jitsu and a serious love for training.

I recommend anyone in the Manchester area get to Manchester BJJ ASAP to train with Rob and the guys over there. Seriously good people and seriously good jiu jitsu. Who knows, I may even see you there on a Sunday!

Brad Wolfson
Soulcraft BJJ, Team Gracie Sports
BJJ Brown Belt Under Marcio Stambowsky

The most important criteria one should have when searching for a place to train, is the quality & character of the instructor. As every good teacher should, Rob Magao serves as an excellent example of how we should all carry ourselves as students of Budo. In addition to having a wealth of martial arts & “real world” experience, Rob does an excellent job of breaking principles & techniques down to make them easily understandable to students of all levels. I highly recommend the Bushido Jiu-Jitsu Academy, Rob Magao and his team of instructors.

Dale Horton

I first spoke to Rob in October 2009 when I was looking for a BJJ Dojo for my Brother in law to train while visiting from Spain. Rob seemed happy to welcome a foreign visitor to train. He also invited me to try a couple classes. I excepted Rob’s invitation even though I was almost forty and thought I was to old to start training in a martial art. It took about twenty minutes of my first class to realize that I was hooked and haven’t looked back yet.

I should also mention that I have Rheumatoid arthritis and even though it is well managed I still have some bad days and mobility issues. Rob and his teaching staff have been very accommodating in allowing me to work at a slower pace at times. I AM NOT lying when I say that BJJ has helped make me stronger both physically and mentally. I cant imagine training anywhere other than the Bushido Jiu Jitsu Academy.

If you are someone who feels that you are too old or maybe you don’t think you are healthy enough to train, Give Rob a call. Stretch your self. It is working for me.

Dave Svalestad

The LOCKUP Police Ground-fighting Courses taught by Lt. Kevin Dillon and Det. Rob Magao (Owner of Manchester BJJ) are excellent! LOCKUP training is a highly developed law enforcement system that gives any police officer the edge over the bad guy. Their approach is realistic and throws out the erroneous approach of “Defensive Tactics.” Police officers need to be offensive and proactive! LOCKUP trains law enforcement with that mindset. Their stress inducing drills are extremely progressive and produce the proper environment for an officer to develop the combative mindset. I have had the opportunity to work with Navy SEALs, DEA agents, Special Forces Units and numerous law enforcement agencies. LOCKUP is among the top tiered law enforcement training programs in the United States. I give it an unquestioned endorsement.

Eddie D. Edmunds
Gracie Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt
2nd Degree Kali, Jeet Kune Do
19th Group Special Forces Combatives Instructor
Owner/Instructor www.fusionbjj.com

When I took my first woman’s self defense class with Bushido Jiu-Jitsu Academy – I wasn’t sure what to expect. Rob and his team were incredibly professional, had a diverse curriculum and provided invaluable information and instruction. In a short period of time, I was able to learn basic self defense techniques while understanding cognitively that my mind was an invaluable tool in defending myself. The guys were not intimidating at all, in a short period of time made us all feel comfortable while helping us understand that we had a short period of time to act in our defense. The hands on instruction was amazing. These guys approached us like we were experiencing real life incidences so we could experience the strength of how a real life attack could be. Completely invaluable. Through practice and correction, the whole class was able to walk away feeling they had some tools to help themselves survive.

Tara Griggs
Woman’s Self-Defense Course Graduate

I am a police officer who had a background in Aikido and in a Police Combat fighting system (LOCKUP). I came to Rob Magao’s Gracie Jiu-jitsu School for the chance to learn practical applications in ground fighting. Rob Magao and Jim Kodzis have been excellent in taking into consideration the student’s needs, making sure that techniques for students desiring better fighting skills for street combat applications are taught as much as are techniques geared towards competition fighting. Every student in the school has a great attitude and is there to learn; egos are not tolerated and no one is there to injure anyone else. With every class, students are expected to use the techniques learned in “rolling” matches with other students, solidifying the learning process. I use many of these techniques and concepts as an arrest and control instructor for my police department.

Detective Anthony DeMonte
Arrest and Control Instructor
CrossFit Trainer

I have been training at The Bushido Jiu-Jitsu Academy for a little over a year now and although I do not get in to train as much as I’d like to, I always feel welcomed. I first met Rob Magao at a police combative class and soon after began training with him and Jim Kodzis as a way to better prepare myself for my job as a police officer. If your looking for a well rounded education in Gracie Jiu-jitsu for self defense this is the place to find it.

Aaron Brais
Police Officer
Arrest and Control Instructor

Whether your looking to start out or develop your fighting expertise, Manchester BJJ (Bushido) is the school your looking for. I started out as a completely new student to the world of martial arts and can say first hand this school immediately includes you and pushes you to succeed. Veterans will find that Rob and the other experienced trainers will not let your skills plateau. This school’s atmosphere is both fun and challenging. The dojo and it’s members are awesome!

Jon Kemp

While finishing my studies in Farmington, CT I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Magao and the guys at Bushido Jiu- Jitsu Academy (Manchester Brazilian Jiu-jitsu). I have been a life long student of the martial arts and have studied everything from Tae Kwon Do to classical Jujutsu to Thai boxing. I knew that I had found a gem in Rob’s academy soon after my first workout. Rob has the unique ability to force all of his students to check their egos at the door and train as a family. His unique background of law enforcement, real world self defense experience and sport-BJJ-training allows him to reach out to everyone he trains, regardless of their goals and desires. Whether you are looking for a traditional martial arts experience or are looking to get involved in competition BJJ, Bushido is the premiere academy in central Connecticut. I will always be grateful for the positive experiences (and great workouts) I had with Rob and the rest of the great instructors at Bushido.

Ibrahim Shihadeh
Blackbelt Japanese Jujutsu
Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Some people are excellent teachers and some are excellent at what they do. When a person has both, they become extraordinary people to learn from. It is clear that Rob Magao is one of these people and I am lucky to train under him and his team of world class instructors.

Manchester Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu reinforces a “communal everyone helps teach everyone” mentality that allows training to excel as well as a sense of brotherhood. Training partners often selflessly stop sparring to help show others what they could be doing better. I am not only proud to say that I train there but would and do recommend training there to any aspiring martial artist on any level.

Ben O’Neill
Connecticut Police Supply
105 Fenn Road
Newington, CT 06111

As an international student from Korea, I always have a hard time making good friends and hanging out. However, everyone in Manchester Bushido jiu-jitsu academy is very friendly and nice. Also, Rob is a really great Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor both in self-defense as well as in competition. The academy also has Judo and Wrestling classes and they are awesome as well. Thank God I found great BJJ academy with awesome instructors and nice facility.

Jaesung Park
UConn Student

The most important decision a jiu jitsu practitioner can make is who they will train under. Luckily for those near Manchester, CT the decision is an easy one as they are lucky enough to have Pedro Sauer brown belt Rob Magao and his Bushido Jiu Jitsu academy right in town. As a law enforcement officer and fantastic jiu jitsu player, Rob is able to blend sport with realistic and effective self defense that he has had to put into action on several occasions due to his profession. More importantly, Rob is an fantastic guy who truly cares about his students and wants to see them succeed both on and off the mat. Quite simply if you live in the area and you go elsewhere you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Jay Bell
BJJ Black Belt
Owner & Head Instructor – Gracie Farmington Valley
Co-founder – Submissions Inc.
Owner – Heritage Clothing Company

Rob Magao is an extremely nice guy and runs a fantastic school in Manchester, CT. I’ve had the chance to train there on more than one occasion and both the atmosphere and environment are excellent for learning and excelling at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not to mention, Rob frequently has high level black belts come to his school for seminars and those are always a great learning experience. You can’t get much closer to the source of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than Pedro Sauer, which is the network that Bushido is part of.

Sonny Parlin
BJJ Purple Belt
Instructor @ Gracie Farmington Valley

My name is David Merkelson, and I am a BJJ/MMA, submission grappling instructor in Israel. When I go to visit my family in Connecticut, I always go out to see Rob Magao at his academy in Manchester, CT. Manchester Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Bushido) has a warm, professional atmosphere perfect for training. I always feel at home, and I always find a wonderful training experience. I highly recommend Manchester Brazilian Jiu jitsu to anyone who is interested in training in BJJ, or just interested in getting into shape. Thanks Rob and all the guys at your academy!

David Merkelson
BJJ Brown Belt (Royler Gracie)

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